Kremer Davis Inc. has served the commercial and residential construction market since 1945, offering waterproofing, dampproofing and air/vapor barriers. We are an industry leader within the Midwest and are expanding our offering to national projects requiring highly specialized application skills.

Building Barriers of Protection
Today’s building occupants are insisting upon an airtight and watertight structure from the foundation to the rooftop gardens. Most state/local building organizations now recognize and specify stringent codes for both below-grade waterproofing and above-grade dampproofing/air and vapor barriers. The net result is a more comfortable building (less humidity, better temperature control) as well as a healthier building (less potential for mold growth).

Single Source – Top to Bottom Building Envelope
At Kremer Davis, we cover the entire building envelope, not just below-grade waterproofing. We have the appropriate technology systems and labor expertise to ensure there are proper barriers of protection throughout the building, all managed by a single source that offers:

  • Maximum labor efficiency at lower cost
  • No start/stop issues on the building project as to “who does what”
  • One invoice, one contract – easier coordination
  • No finger pointing on post construction issues – one point of responsibility

Experienced Union Workforce
Kremer Davis is a union shop. That translates into superior quality workmanship, job site safety, and meeting schedule deadlines. A significant portion of our workforce has more than 30 years of application expertise, which helps ensure the job is done right.

About Kremer Davis

For 70 years Kremer Davis has been serving the Midwest with professional and quality service.

Our experienced team is our backbone

We're a unionized, equal opportunity employer with average tenures being over 20 years. Our team is able to provide efficient and professional services.

Business services

From waterproofing to eco-friendly green services we can save your business from damage and save your business money in the long term

Dura Elite coatings

Dura-Elite is a revolutionary, fast-curing polyaspartic polyurea coating that can be applied to any structurally sound concrete surface – up to five times stronger than concrete alone. So durable it can be used in car washes or on bridge decks.

Residential Services

Waterproofing your home and our mold prevention techniques will help you sleep peacefully at night

Benefits for builders and homeowners

Our three step waterproofing techniques will ensure your home has a dry, usable basement for storage, office, bedrooms and entertainment areas. Homeowners will also save on energy costs thanks to better insulation.

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