For more than 60 years, Kremer Davis has been a leader within the residential waterproofing market. We focus on three elements of defense in working with builders to ensure a dry, usable basement:

  • Site planning/landscaping
  • Backfill/drainage techniques
  • Protective barriers/insulation

The net benefits to buildersinclude:

  • Economic savings
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Helping to eliminate expensive warranty call-backs

The net benefits to homeowners are:

  • A dry, usable basement for storage, office, bedrooms and entertainment areas.. enhancing the value of the home
  • Energy savings via insulation
  • Helping to eliminate mold/mildew.a prime health issue in today’s market

Our superior results are based upon the craftsmanship/dedication of our workers and new technology we continually bring to the market.

Water needs to drain away from a home’s foundation. This is achieved by:

  • Perimeter drain tile on the outside of the wall
  • Exterior drainage insulation board

Key elements of perimeter drainage include:

  • Plastic drain tile
  • Proper depth of rock up the wall
  • Filter fabric on the top of the rock

Below grade insulation

Builders and homeowners both benefit from Kremer Davis below-grade insulation. Key benefits include:

  • Increased useable living space at a relatively low cost
  • Protects against freeze/thaw damage
  • Protects against leaks or seepage
  • Reduces interior condensation, lowers mold/mildew risk and decreases health risks
  • Reduces moisture complaints … #1 warranty callback. Helps reduce insurance or legal costs
  • Increased drainage away from foundation in Midwest clay soils
  • Helps eliminate heat loss-lowers energy costs

Mold Prevention

Helping to prevent mold within any new facility is a primary long-term benefit of utilizing Kremer Davis services. Mold is not only unsightly, it has recently come to the forefront as a significant health issue in both commercial and residential facilities.

With appropriate waterproofing, dampproofing, vapor barriers, site planning/landscaping, backfilling and drainage techniques, mold risk is significantly minimized. Mold spores need moisture and oxygen to establish a mold infestation. Kremer Davis technology and application expertise helps ensure that the moisture needed by mold spores does not enter a building.

Contact us for more information on our mold prevention processes.


Dura-Elite is a revolutionary, fast-curing polyaspartic polyurea coating that can be applied to any structurally sound concrete surface. It turns your garage into an attractive extension of your home, or adds a touch of class to your basement floor. Dura-Elite outperforms other cement coatings in both durability and beauty.

Click here to download our Dura-Elite brochure

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Non-slip, UV-resistant finish will not yellow
  • 4x stronger than epoxy; low-VOC
  • Resistant to salt, oil, gasoline and other cantaminants
  • One-day application; dries to foot traffic in 3 hours
  • Broad choice of finish colors and specialty looks
  • 15-year performance warranty
  • Professionally applied by Kremer Davis